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Island Time!!!!!

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Everything takes longer in the Caribbean.

I ordered a terminal for one of my lifelines three weeks ago.  At the end of two weeks I called and then a few days later I stopped in.  Both times they said it would be any day.  On Friday I stopped in again and had them call the company.  Come to find out it was never shipped and is still sitting on the desk.  The lady told me she would get them to ship it right away and she was sorry, but I am wondering why she did not call the first two time to see where it was, since it was past the expected delivery date.

Another example is some stuff I ordered through Target.  They would not ship it down here (even though it is a US territory), so I had it shipped to my father.  He in turn shipped it to me by parcel post.  We have now found out this is a BAD MOVE.  Parcel post takes 4-6 weeks to get delivered.  Of course it has now been over six weeks and the post office said “it may take a little longer”.  If you send anything to the Caribbean I highly recommend priority mail (here in the USVI flat rate boxes are the same as elsewhere in the US) and have the ability to track it.

I have been doing some other work to the boat and had to wait 2 weeks for the marine store to get 5/16” line in stock.  How does a marine store let themselves run out of rope?  I also have been begging someone to come out and do some small fiberglass work, but I keep being told they will make it soon.

These are just a few hiccups you have to deal with when you are living your life in paradise, so while I wait for my deliveries why don’t you give me a call and keep me company.  I’ll answer the phone….in a little bit.

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