Is it cool or sad that……

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As many of you know I am in the beginning of my off season. One of the the things I did was vacuum sealed almost anything cloth including the pillow (more info here about my amazing pillows), bedding, decorations, ect, ect, and my clothes.

Now my question to you is if it is cool or sad that all my clothes I wear of a regular basis fit into one bag? You see when I moved onto the boat 7 years ago I had enough clothes to fill most of the back seat of my car. I left half of these at my parents house and half I took with me. Over the years I have thinned out this wardrobe and now none of it is left.

The funny thing is that my causal clothes use to be all golf shirts and 1-2 t-shirts and now it is the other way around. I try to limit myself to 15 shirts and 15 shorts plus a couple swim trunks, socks, ect. I do have a pair of jeans and slacks plus a couple button down shirts… know when I need to dress to impress. HAHA.

Would this be enough clothes for you? Well it seems to work pretty well for me, since this is what I have had for 3-4 years now. What do you think?

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