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Is Cuba really full of ’50s American cars?

By March 15, 2023Caribbean, Cuba

This is the ninth (and final) part of our Cuban Adventures that I wrote down and am submitting to a sailing magazine to see if they will publish it. Fingers crossed!

Once back in Havana, our last touristy thing in Cuba was a city tour in a restored pink 1957 Buick La Sabre. Lily and I, both being fans of old cars, were in heaven since around 20% of the cars in Cuba are indeed pre-1959 American steel. Some are pristine and others are day to day beaters. Plus lots of the work trucks are in this category and still chugging along.

I would roughly break down the vehicles in Cuba as follows:

20% 1959 and earlier American cars and trucks

20% motorcycles and bicycles

20% horse drawn carriages (seriously, they use them for everyday work and transport outside Havana)

30% non descript 70s-2000s Soviet/Russian crap

10% 10 years and newer cars from everywhere except America 

What a great memory to end our Cuban adventures on!

Come back soon, because I plan on writing at least one more article about Cuba for a different magazine and it will be a top 10 type article.

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