Introducing the mosquito huntress

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Melek palying in the water
Melek helping cook some chicken

Melek helping cook some chicken

Melek loved everything about being on a boat…..except the mosquitos we found at some anchorages. You see she is one of those people that seems to attract mosquitos. If there is even one around it will find Melek and bite her. The worst part is that she seems to have a reaction to the ones in the Caribbean (we will carry Benadryl next time).

There were several times she would wake up and get “her revenge (but say the “v” like Chekhov from Star Trek) ????”. She would sit up in bed and start hunting them. She would sit very still with only her head and eyes moving as she followed them, and then WHACK! “I got another one” or “whoa look at the blood in this one” would usually follow.

Melek playing with a bunny

On Saba she found a bunny to play with.

Once she could not find any in the cabin she would walk down the hallway and I would hear her hand slapping the wall on the way.

Most days she did not see any, but there were days she would get 5-6 of them. In fact, she had one day she topped out at 18 of those little bastards. I know it is not good that they attack her, but when she got into “Huntress mode” it was quite funny how serious she took it.

Of course, the pleasure she got on extracting revenge does scare me if I do anything wrong. Haha

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