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Into the oven you go

By December 1, 2015 No Comments
Force 10 3 burner oven

I am brand new owner of a Force 10 three burner stove and oven. Of course you might be wondering why I got a new oven this offseason. Well the old one was 18 years old, it only had two burner and no where to put a pot if I was using both of them, it was gimbled to stay level (great for monos but not cats), it had space all around it to drop food and utensils, and the oven had two temperatures. In fact people want recipes from me and ask what temperature I baked something and I would have to respond with “ON”.

My new one solves all these issues. It fits perfectly in the space, so there is no space to drop food and stuff and the oven top is large so I can use three burners and still have space to put a pot. Best yet is that the oven has temperatures and, unexpectedly, it has an electric ignition.

Of course with different temperature I will have to relearn my recipes since I can’t just have the oven in the “ON” temperature.

Force 10 3 burner oven

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