Iceland Day 3 – waterfalls and plane wrecks?

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Iceland - 3 Skogafoss - From Side

The major waterfall we woke up with.

Iceland - 3 Skogafoss - Hike Above

A little waterfall above the main one.


I guess we wore ourselves out yesterday because we ended up sleeping until 10am even though the sun started coming up at 4am. Once we got out and about we visited the Skogafoss waterfall where we walked up to the top and then along the river seeing another couple small waterfalls. It started raining, unlike yesterday’s fantastic weather, so we turned back and visited the

Iceland - 3 Skogar Museum- Fire Truck

How could I not show a fire truck from Iceland?

Iceland - 3 Skogar Museum- Ice Rescue

This is a rescue truck for use on the ice.

Skogar Museum (Skogar is the name of the very small community while foss means waterfall thus the waterfall name). The museum was divided into three parts. The transportation side was interesting and explained different vehicle through the years, plus the evolution of the phones in the country. They also had a heritage museum, but our favorite part were the original stone and turf houses and the other 4 historic building from the last 150 years. In fact, one of the houses was paneled inside with the salvaged planks of a shipwreck in the 1880’s.

Iceland - 3 Skogar Museum- Farm Stead

These are the turf houses at the museum. Can’t you see hobbits living here?

Eric and I both did some research trying to find the best things to see in Iceland and I thought I found a really cool unknown thing to take him to. It was an airplane wreck on the black sand beach from the 1950’s. Turns out I was half right……it was very cool seeing this plane out in the middle of nowhere, but it was definitely known. In fact, we found out through our trip that although everything we saw was spectacular and amazing and we are glad we saw it, it was all known to everyone. Well worth it, but don’t expect to be the only one there, but on with the story. For some reason everyone parked at the road and walked the 4km to the plane, while we were lazy and drove down the gravel road and parked a couple 100 meters from it. We still don’t know why they did not drive down.

Iceland - 3 Plane - Interior

This is the inside of the cargo plane. Check out the “photo of the day” tomorrow to see a great shot of the exterior.

Once back underway we continued to head east on the Ring Road, which is a road going all the way around the island on the coastal plains with the cliffs to the highlands right there. Those cliffs hold some spectacular backdrops to some beautiful farms and seem to have a waterfall on each one. At this time we were still in awe with each and every waterfall we saw. Where by the end of the trip we still loved them but the small ones off the cliffs lost a little of their impact on us. In total we must have seen a hundred waterfalls of various height and water volume. Each holding its own in one way or another.


  • Shane says:

    It looks like the beach you are talking about is around Vik. This plane is around an hour east of that but before the glacier.


  • Tanya K says:

    Is this plane wreck on black sands beach of Reynisfjarjara Beach? I just booked 2 nights at a cabin on the edge of beach. WOndering if it’s the same :black sands”?

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