Iceland Day 2 – a day of waterfalls

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I picked Eric up at the airport at 9am and we headed straight for the Blue Lagoon, because it is real close to the airport and it is THE #1 thing to do.

Iceland - 2 Blue Lagoon - Spa Area

This is the spa area of the Blue Lagoon. You can see where the names comes from.

Well….be warned that due to its popularity you have to have a reservation and the first opening was at 11pm. We opted to move on because we were given the name of a similar geo thermal pool filled with the blueish white water on the north side. Plus, we figured we could always reserve a time at the end of the trip when we returned.

Iceland - 2 Reykjadalur -Canyon & Waterfall

This is the first of over 100 waterfalls we will end up seeing this trip.


Slightly dejected we started our counter clockwise road trip on the Ring Road with a list of highlights we wanted to see all the way around

Iceland - 2 Reykjadalur -Relaxing In The Hot Stream

I know I can’t complain much given what I do for a living, BUT this is relaxing!

Iceland - 2 Reykjadalur -Me Looking Into A Pool

Here I am checking out one of the boiling mud pools on our hike.

Iceland. But….Eric really wanted to sit in hot water so he found a hike to some hot springs called Reykjadalur. The hike was a nice workout as a 2.5 mile uphill climb. Once up there we found half a dozen steam vents and boiling pools which flowed into a small stream. All along the bank people pick a spot and slide in. It was relaxing and fun, but it is not deep and you have to deal with some silt and moss. I thought it was well worth the effort and liked being in the water…..Now if they can just get rid of the flies on the way up!

Once back to the car we header to Seljalandsfoss, which is a waterfall you can walk behind. It turns out there are actually four waterfalls with the main one being the first. 

Our favorite one was the fourth one because it is hidden due to being in a short slot canyon. You have to walk a hundred feet into this canyon and then it opens up and you can see the waterfall splashing in front of you. We also climbed the rock hiding it and got a great view looking down the canyon.

A popular thing to do on the first waterfall that you can get behind is to take a sunset photo. Sounds great except the sun does not set until 10:30, but it was well worth waiting with a hundred or more other people due to the photo I got. It will be the “photo of the day” tomorrow.

Iceland - 2 Seljalandsfoss - 1st From The Side

Wait until tomorrow when you will see what a sunset looks like behind this waterfall!

Iceland - 2 Seljalandsfoss - 4th Through Canyon

Can you see the waterfall through the narrow canyon?


Iceland - 2 Seljalandsfoss - Eric In Canyon

Eric is taking a picture in the narrow canyon. Check out the mist around.

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