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I found ice cream in Tobago…..I am sure you are surprised.

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Ice Cream in Tobago

So there Steve and I were just walking around Scarborough and checking it out on the first day we arrived on Tobago. We finished checking in around noon and walked down the street and found a local fast food joint that sold chicken and Chinese food plus they had a World Cup game on.

When we were finally done we walked outside and there it was in great big letters……ICE CREAM. Oh boy! You know I have to check that out. Turns out it is homemade ice cream from a company in Trinidad. I chatted with the lady behind the window to find out more about the ice cream and she recommended chocolate ice cream with cookie dough. Score! She was right on the money and the best part? A two-scoop cone was 9 TT (Trinidad & Tobago dollars). Sound like a lot? Well it converts to about $1.50. Would it surprise you to learn I went back every afternoon and on one or two occasions twice? 😊

If you are in Scarborough, Tobago then all you have to do to find some of the best ice cream in the Caribbean is take the water front road to the Port Authority Building (Customs and Immigration). Right in front will be a three-way intersection. The water front road is Milford to the west (left when looking at the water) and Carrington to the East. The road going away from the water is Wilson and is the road you want. You will walk several blocks passing the bus stop, a pastry shop, several small markets, and other stores. Then heaven will be on the left. Enjoy!

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