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I have a new beach chair and you are going to be jealous

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Relaxing in the beach chair

Who says FaceBook isn’t good for more than seeing videos of cats and how perfect everyone’s life is? A few months ago I saw a post shared by a friend of mine with a video of a blow up chair. I was intrigued and watch the video, which turned out to be a big cloth balloon that you use as a beach chair. I loved it and bought two of them for my charters. I wanted a beach chair that was just as comfortable as these different brands of recliners.

Here is how they work. First you take the fairly small bundle out of the bag.

IMG_9755 Second, you need to let the wind fill up the long tube.


Once it is full you close the end and roll it like you would on a dry bag. When it is nice and tight you clip the end to keep it sealed.


Last you try it out by laying in it. I must warn you that you should not take this step lightly. Once you get in this ball of air you will lose all will power to get back out. Happy napping to you!!!!!


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