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I had to walk the plank on my own boat

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I can’t believe it has happened, but last week I had to walk the plank on my own boat.  I had 48 hours between two charters and took dock space at American Yacht Harbor in Red Hook, St Thomas.  The problem was that there was a fishing tournament going on and the only space they had that was wide enough for me was on their “P” dock.  This dock has no finger piers running along the side of the boat and you have to board from the rear of the boat.  Of course catamarans have the sugar scoops and they were 3 feet lower than the dock, so there is a 2×6 board available to stretch across from the dock to the boat.  it is safe (as long as a big wave does not come along), but you get the feeling of walking the plank.

Walk the plank

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