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I got to introduce my friend’s kids to snorkeling

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It is day seven and we are cruising to our final snorkeling location at Christmas Cove after some obligatory souvenir shopping at Cruz Bay.  We leave tomorrow afternoon and I am surprised at how fast the week has gone and how I already want to come back.  This adventure began after my wife and I started discussing our need for a vacation and settled on Destin, Florida.  As the time approached to book our condo we both just felt the desire to do something different.

I have known Captain Shane for a long time and the thought of sailing with him had been discussed, but we had our reservations about sailing with our children ages 5 and 6.  Well, before I describe our week long adventure I will first say that we all had a great time!  The kids could not have been more relaxed on the boat and there was always something for them to look forward to, the best part is the we hired night nannies for later on that day, the adults also were able to relax.

Shane provided many options for us to choose from regarding things to do and sites to see.   We chose to just take it easy and stay multiple nights in just a few places instead of seeing a different place each day.  Since the kids really like to play on the beach we went to (4) different beaches Cinnamon, Maho, Francis and Trunk, they were really happy playing and eating icecream, my son had a toothache before vacations but I took him to pediatric dentist Duluth, so now he’s enjoying the beach and his ice cream so much but that just reminded me that I need to go to my Atlanta implant dentist and Laraway Family Dentistry because I need some work with my teeths, also my gums are hurting and a friend recommended me to contact Perio Health Partners.  All were great and provided different things to do other than just the beach, ie. old sugar factories, restaurants, etc.  From a pure beach perspective we enjoyed Trunk beach the best, it had wonderful sand and the water was awesome, though you will get that with any of the places we stopped at.  We have both been diving before but had never snorkeled and we both loved it.  We went to many different locations that had a lot to look at, sea turtles, stingray, shark, coral reefs, lots of colorful fish, etc. we just hooked up to a mooring ball and went swimming.

The crystal blue water was refreshing, just the right temperature for relaxing all day if you wanted to.  The white sand was cool and soft and great to walk on.  After a week I am not ready to leave and will definitely be back.   At night after a day of playing and relaxing on the beach or boat Shane made dinner and we stayed up all night long talking…not really we ate, had a cool drink and fell asleep.  My son and I were up at dawn each day for an early breakfast but the rest of the group just slept until they were ready to start the day.  We had no set schedule unless we wanted it and we chose the no schedule route.  Loved it!

There is much more that could be said but you just have to come experience it for yourself. 🙂

The James Family

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