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I came to Chicago for Sears Tower, but want to return for the river walk

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Chicago's river walk POTD

Chicago's river walkYesterday I told you about my visit to Sears Tower in Chicago’s downtown called The Loop. I visited the tower at sunset, which meant it was nighttime when I walked along the river running through town and into Lake Michigan (in fact, The Loop is bound by the river on two sides and the lake on another). Oh my goodness, was this an amazing walk. The city has built a boardwalk right at water level, which is 20 feet below the street level (that is another fascinating thing in The Loop, the street level is not the ground level and you can go “underground” in many locations). Being below street level blocks a lot of the noise as you meander along the river. There are many places you can stop and have dinner, a drink, or (best yet) ice cream. The atmosphere is jovial , even romantic, as everyone is enjoying the evening.

Chicago's river walk with ice creamWhat makes the river walk at night so perfect is all the lights from the surrounding buildings. They all cast multiple colors onto the water and it reminded me of St Petersburg in Russia in how photogenic the city was at night. Every couple hundred feet I was compelled to take another photo as the colors changed or the reflection bounced a new way. It was inspiring, to say the least. I can not wait to return someday, but I think I will bring someone with me to enjoy a glass of wine along the bank together…….right before I get more ice cream. 🙂

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