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Hurricane Hole

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Hurricane Hole 1

The other week I had five or so days off and a friend came to visit. She had already seen the BVI and I wanted to check out the entire Coral Bay area on the south side of St John, so away we went.

This huge bay is roughly divided into three parts. You have Coral Bay itself in the upper left, Hurricane Hole in the upper right, and Haulover-Round Bay in the lower right. The Hurricane Hole is so named because it has four little bays tucked up into mangroves and is a perfect place to ride out a storm. These bays are so calm and beautiful and even have mooring balls to hook up to, since you are not allowed to anchor on the south side of St John in the NPS area. I had been told that you were allowed to stay over night on these balls, but the rangers came around and informed everyone they had to vacate them before sunset. Your best bet for overnight is anchoring at Coral Bay, where you can go ashore in the small town, and Round Bay. Of course I got the impression a couple of the boats were going to stay even though the NPS ranger told them they could not.

But even though you are only allowed to stay during the day, it is worth a visit. The water is so calm and clear it was the perfect place to paddle board, swim, and relax. The snorkeling is good, but different because you are not looking a reefs but mangroves. You will be amazed at how much life grows up between these trees roots. Plus the best part is there are so few boats here!!!

Do you have a favorite, out of the way, uncrowded place you like to go?

Hurricane Hole 1 Hurricane Hole 2

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