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How to get kicked off the Willy T

By April 21, 2016 No Comments
Success at the Willy T

So everyone knows about the shenanigans that happen at the Willy T, right? Well the other week I actually saw someone kicked off the boat. What could someone possibly do that was considered too offensive for the frat party of the BVI? I mean this is the place I have seen guys enjoying whip cream off of their nude girlfriends, bartenders liking temporary tattoos onto female guests breast, and you are almost encouraged to jump from the top deck bare ass naked….just to name a few debaucherously naughty acts. (makes you want to visit doesn’t it? Don’t lie, even the morbidly curious want to see the train wreck 🙂 )

Well turns out this 55 foot, crewed charter boat was anchored a couple hundred feet to the stern of the Willy T and one of the guest decided (after many rum drinks I am sure) that he would just swim over to the Willy T and join the party. Of course he could did not want to get his clothes wet, so he stripped down to nothing and swam across (lucky none of the 4-6 foot tarpon were hungry for Vienna sausage).

When I first saw him he was standing on the back of a 30 foot motor boat with his fist on his hips and his head tilted to the side and looking up like he felt he had a superhero cape flying behind him. If he wanted to impress everyone he probably should have chosen a warmer night, if you know what I mean. Two young 20 year old ladies saw him and while shielding their eyes exclaimed OH MY GAWD!!! At this point the owner of the motor boat realized a naked man was on his stern deck and yelled at him to get off (think he would have done that if it was a naked woman?).

The naked man finally asked the bartender if there were any clothes he could buy, but of course he had no money. The bartender gave him a thong they have available for the ladies to wear and off he went to dance, all the while his junk was squeezing out the sides of the very skimpy fabric. At this time the manager finally had enough and told him he had to leave or put real clothes on. After a heated discussion the naked man swam back to his boat.

Low and behold he showed back up, but this time in a dinghy, clothed, and escorted by the crew of the charter boat so he would not cause any more stories to be made that night. Only at the Willy T!

FYI, there will be no photographs accompanying this particular blog for the wellbeing of my readers. I mean who wants to see that, right?

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