Holy smokes this is tough

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When my friend and her family were with me we anchored off the west coast of Vieques for two nights. On the second day a thunderstorm came in and the wind gust hit 20 knots briefly. It was a quick little storm, but not quick enough because it ripped my floating mat off the line and was taking it to Puerto Rico.

Don was fiddling with the dinghy to go get it, but I just took off my shirt and dove in with my shorts on (lucky I did not have my phone with me 🙂 ). I got to it rather quickly, but I was still 100-150 feet downwind.  I am a great swimmer, but now I had to swim while pulling a 6 foot by 10 foot mat while going against a 20 knot wind. Obviously I made it, but I was one worn out captain when I did!

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