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Hiking the Reef Bay trail on the south side of St John

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Reef bay trail

If guest are willing to spend a couple days around St John, then one thing I like to take them to is Reef Bay. This bay is rather exposed, so it is a day only spot, but there are two moorings to use. Just becareful because one of them is reserved for the NPS boat from noon to 2pm each day. The NPS has a tour where a taxi takes you to the top of the trail and then you walk downhill all the way to the beach. From there you play on the beach and a boat will pick you up and take you back to Cruz Bay.

I on the otherhand moor in Reef Bay and we hike a very flat mile long hike from the Reef Bay sugar factory (read about it this coming Sunday) and the Petroglyphs (blog coming on Thursday). While we walk this trail in the sade of the trees we see so much wildlife and plants. Most guest are amazed at the size and number of hermit crabs walking around and I try to point out the land crab holes in the swampy area. Most of the time we run across a couple of white tail deer and every now and then you might see a mongoose, but they are shy.

My favorite plants to show people are the aeroponic plants on the trees and rocks, the wild pineapple plants (although I have never seen a pineapple on them), and the sand box tree (it is covered in spikes and will be featured tomorrow as the “photo of the day”).

If you are looking for a great hike or some where to sail to that won’t be crowded, then this is the place to go. When you are done you can pick up a NPS mooring in Lameshur Bay 10 minutes away and snorkel the very cool Tektite Point that I told you about a couple weeks ago.

Hermit crab

These guys are never far from home. Haha


This is wild pineapple


Always fun seeing these guys and they are not shy at all.

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