My hero finding me food

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Dinner in Laayoune

Our first town in Morocco didn’t turn out as we expected! It was a little town and there was supposed to be some Spanish ruins but we never found them! Also, we couldn’t see any proper restaurants as all there were was little shops selling some food but it all looked dirty and dodgy! During our only day we didn’t do much. We walked around the town and the only food we had was the interesting breakfast at the hotel! In this really crappy town where there is nothing, the hotel costed 45 euro and it didn’t even include breakfast! Although what they charged for breakfast was funny as it was really cheap!

We wanted to go and eat at a restaurant before we left for the airport, but as taxis here are really hard to communicate with, and they charge what they want to charge. We got into a taxi and told him where we would go, but he took us in a different direction. Shane was saying this is not the restaurant we want to go to, but he didn’t listen and kept stopping in front of different restaurants (some of them were closed) and didn’t even listen to what we said! On the way, he got another passenger who knew some English and we told him that we changed our mind and he should drop us to the airport! Finally, we came to the tiny airport where of course there was no food! I was now thinking that there will be food on the plane, but the lady said there was an 1.5 hour delay!

This is where I really lost it! Me and being hungry is no good! My hero Shane said that he will walk and find a restaurant. At first I didn’t want to let him go but we had no chance, so he left! He even saw the sign of a VIP Lounge and asked people whether we could go in if we paid but they said they use it as a stock room :). I didn’t expect this little airport to have a VIP lounge anyway! A miracle happened, my Hero boyfriend came after half an hour with food consisting of a beef dish, chicken dish, bread, and also some fruits! He said the restaurant was decent and would meet my standards, so I was finally able to eat.

So, Shane just that you know you’re the best boyfriend ever!

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