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Have you ever done yoga on a SUP

By March 29, 2015 2 Comments
Head stands on a SUP

Getting ready to do a hand stand Head stands on a SUP Yoga on a paddle board Yoga on a paddle board

Last week I was at Salt Pond Bay on the south side of St John paddle boarding with one of my guest. As I was near shore just gliding along this beautiful young lady asked me if she could check out my board. Of course I had no problem with it and she climbed on and immediately did the most graceful head stand I have ever seen. From the pose in the 1st photo her legs were straight out as she lifted them above her head to the hand stand in the 2nd photo.

After that she did a few basic yoga moves and surprise, surprise it turns out she owns a yoga school in Oklahoma. It is called Yoga at Tiffany’s Norman and you should check out her website.

Since watching her I have now been able to do a headstand, but mine looks more like a lumbering bear than her Cirque du Soleil grace.

How would you like to try the paddle boards? What about doing some yoga on it? Do you think you will look more like me or her? Leave a comment below about SUPs and your desires or stories.






  • Shane says:


    As always I am proud having you as an active reader and I appriciate your comments (fyi – outside my parents I think you are the most active of my readers). I hope you two come back aboard someday soon.

  • Victor B says:

    Wow! Now that’s amazing – balancing on a SUP while on water! She has perfect form; especially in the 3rd photo of a downward dog asana…. note the flat feet, arch in back, etc. I highly recommend including yoga in anyone’s exercise routine. Thanks for sharing.

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