Havana here we come!!!!!

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This is the seventh part of our Cuban Adventures that I wrote down and am submitting to a sailing magazine to see if they will publish it. Fingers crossed!

Arriving in the late afternoon we started our Havana tour with a walk along the miles long Malecon (the seawall along the coast) and seeing the Capital Building (built to resemble the US Capital) and the National Theater all lite up at night. The next morning we started out at the Museum Of The Revolution, but it was closed for renovations. From there we stopped at the cathedral, Palacio de Los Capitanes Generales (great museum), Plaza Vieja with the 360 View Tour (very cool 10 minute tour through a periscope projected onto a screen), the Artist Market (great place for souvenirs), and finally a rum tour at Havana Club (Lily really got into making the drink at the end of the tour). After the great rum tour I decided to lead us on a Hemingway Tour, which included the hotel he stayed at, La Floridita Restaurant, and La Bodeguita Del Medio bar (birthplace of the mojito), because as Earnest Hemingway wrote in a bathroom stall “my mojito at La Bodeguita, My daiquiri at La Floridita”. One word of cation, the daiquiris at La Floridita must have slip quite a ways, because they sucked…..of course Hemingway was a drunk, so who knows!

Story continues tomorrow!

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