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Happy Thanksgiving from the Guiding Light

By November 24, 2016 2 Comments
Guiding Light with a bouy

Thank you for my boat and the ability to run charters on it.

To all my American readers I hope you have a joyful day of thanks today (and of course good football too, haha). Sometimes it is so easy to see others and be envious of what they do or have, but you never know what is going on behind the scenes or what that person had to sacrifice. With that said, I pray each and every one of you takes the time to be thankful for all that you have in your own life and recognize what you sacrificed to achieve it.

I started my first charter of the season this week and wanted to take a few minutes to list some of the things I am thankful for.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Just one of the many places I have been blessed to visit.

*I am thankful the lord has blessed me with the special abilities to run charters and has keep the calendar full.

With that said, I am thankful for each and every good charter I have had…..and thankful that the few bad ones are over, haha

*I am thankful that I have been able to travel to some rather remote corners of this earth the last several years.

*I am truly thankful my father was healthy and able to join me on one such adventure.

*I am really thankful for you, my readers. I always hope to gain more, but those of you that come back and read each day’s blog make it all worth wild. THANK YOU!

Dad and I at the end of the Trans-Siberian train

My dad and I at the end of the Trans-Siberian train adventure.

*I am thankful to each and every friend I have. Some provide me moral support while others have joined me aboard the boat or met me for some wild scheme in the name of adventure.

*I am thankful that I have been ridden of the materialism plaguing the world. Trust me when I tell you it is so freeing not to have to worry about getting and maintaining stuff.

These are just a few of my thanks and I don’t want to bore you with all of them, but I do want to ask what are you thankful for? Why don’t you write a comment below letting us all know?

Joel and I with wine

Cheersing my many friends with my best friend of 42 years.


  • Shane says:


    Happy Thanksgiving to you guys as well. I am so happy you have enjoyed reading about my travels.


  • phil says:

    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Welcome back to the warm part of the world. We enjoy your photos and travel blog…you lucky dog.

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