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Happy people of St. Kitts!

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Us on Brimstone Hill in St Kitts

In the islands, life is generally quite relaxed, they are not in a hurry to do anything. That’s why most of the time we had to wait for customs or immigrations or some other things, which made Shane say ‘patience’ all the time.???? Coming from hectic Istanbul it’s kind of hard to get used to it, but not impossible.

Treasury building on St Kitts

The historic Treasury building where you can see the history of the people on St Kitts in the museum

Every island has different feel and I can tell all the people I met so far are wonderful, but St. Kitts and Nevis is something different. Nevis is still my favorite place, but St. Kitts is also pretty good. The main difference is St. Kitts is bigger and has more of a city.

People here are all relaxed and simply happy! I didn’t see anyone sulking. This morning we were on a bus and everyone was talking to another and they were laughing and having fun! Them laughing made us laugh as well! I feel like I could be local here; drink rum, enjoy vibrant music, and simply enjoy life!

I feel like sometimes we are too hard on ourselves by setting goals, postponing life, and most importantly forgetting to have fun!

Circle in Basseterre, St Kitts

The English heritage comes out every now and then. This traffic circle for example is suppose to resemble Piccadilly Circus in London.

In every incident we get to choose, we can worry about it or we can choose to be happy about it! Like yesterday we went to Romney Manor House (there is a blog coming up about it – beautiful place) and it started raining. First, we waited in the shop where they were making Batik clothes and accessories, but after a while we decided to go out and continue exploring. I don’t think I have ever done that before. Normally I either look for an umbrella or wait in a coffee shop or hop on a taxi, but we continued exploring and enjoyed walking under that heavy rain! We were simply happy!

Looking at the history of these people there are not really good stories. Discrimination, other nations dominating over them, and etc, but they found a way to live happily and didn’t let past experiences get to them. I think the hardest part of being human is accepting the differences!

Caribelle Batik on St Kitts

Some of the amazing artist at Caribelle Batik. After seeing this we walked home in the rain.

People are hating others due to their religion, their skin color, or simply because they don’t think like they do! I think the higher level in humanity is being able to think that God created differences for a reason and accept it. We get to choose here as well, we can be angry to the ones not thinking like us or hate the ones not looking like us or love everyone without discriminating.

I loved these islands and the happy people living in, as without them it would be like an empty piece of land! I hope you’ll also find reasons to be happy everyday! Love u St. Kitts!

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