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Happy New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My New Year Eve’s have never been that great.  Starting when I was a kid I would spend most of them in Missouri watching over my younger cousins while the parents went out for fun.  Even as an adult plans would be made and they sounded good, but when it was all said and done it was only ok.  Have you had this experience?

Well this year I had a charter booked starting the 30th and the only requirement was that we had to be in Great Harbor on Jost Van Dyke for the end of the year (I mean we did survive the Mayans so why not).  By the time we got there all the mooring balls were already taken, and this was the day before, so I anchored near shore in about 6 feet of water.  This turned out to be a great thing as the next day all kinds of boats came in, but most were too nervous to anchor in such skinny water and kept a descent distance away.

We started off by having dinner at Corsair’s, which I have raved about in past blogs.  As expected they were really crowded and so the service was a bit slow this night, but everyone enjoyed their selection.  Earlier in the day I had given Vinny the owner some Missouri license plates for motorcycles from the late 70’s… that are sometimes still used on modern bikes (check  He loved them and hung them on the door frame for the hallway leading to the bathrooms.  If you are there look for them!

After dinner we walked down the main road, which is nothing more than the beach packed down over the years by cars and people.  As we got closer to Foxy’s it got more and more crowded.  By the time we made it there were so many people you could not even hear the music playing.  Foxy had three different things going on.  First there was a concert in the back for $60, second was an exclusive dinner in the upper room for $450 (what????), and third he had a $20 BBQ.

We stayed until midnight and then everyone wanted to start walking back to the dinghy.  It was great weaving in and out of all the people.  Everyone was happy and full of life.  I even saw several people I know.  We made it back to Corsair’s and could hear music for the first time all night.  The music was good and the atmosphere was pleasant so everyone agreed they wanted to stay for a bit so we had a new home for an hour or so.

Finally the two married couples want to go back leaving just Marco and me.  He wanted to meet women, so I tried the simple approach I saw on How I Met Your Mother.  I said to a women “have you met Marco?” and walked away.  It worked every time and he was a happy camper.  The things I do for my guest :)!

How did you spend New Year’s Eve?  Why don’t you leave a comment belowfor everyone to read.

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