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Happy New Year

By January 10, 2010 No Comments

I spent New Years around the dock.  There was a benefit for one of the sailing clubs, so I went to that for New Years night.  They had a band and it was nice, but no singles.  My dock mate, Gordon, and I left 15 minutes early to go to a popular bar near the boats.  There were lots of singles, but they had already buddied up, so after midnight we went back to the docks and found a party on the next dock over.  They had a fire and fireworks, so I had a blast.  Before I got there a kid throw a M-80 in the toilet and blew a hole out the back.  His mom made him put a new one it the next day.

 The last two weeks have seen me getting more projects closer to completion.  I am almost done with the shower, freezer, drawers, ground tackle, and sail lines.  I need to change the oil, fix a water leak, and look at a bilge pump before I head to New Orleans at the very end of the month.

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