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Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

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1st Day Of 1st Grade Eagle Scout presentation At Culebrita Mom cleaning the boat

This particular post is mostly for one person and I am sure you can guess who that is.

I mean how could I not be proud to have Dee as a mom? As a friend of mine just posted on Facebook “all moms gave birth to a child. Except my mom, she gave birth to a legend!” Haha

She has only been on the boat for a two week cruise a year and a half ago, but I loved having her here. I will admit when my dad and I were trying to relax and take naps and she was on the deck walking laps around the boat, we want to throw her in. 🙂 She came down again with my dad and helped me get the boat ready to go back in the water and start the 2014 charter season. In fact while my dad and I were doing other projects, she cleaned the entire interior of the boat. I mean all the hold, lockers, ceiling, ect. What a mom!!!!

Everything I have done in life she has been supportive even when she did not completely understand. For example she thought me buying a boat and sailing around was great, but she wanted to know if I was going to take my car with me. I told her “yep, I am going to drive it right into the cockpit every time I move the boat.” Haha

Mom, I hope you have a wonderful day!!! I hope this blog can take the place of a card (she really likes cards), since I have been on charter and I did not realize Mother’s Day was this weekend. 🙂 Sorry and I love you.

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