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Hanging out with friends and family

By September 1, 2020 No Comments

I have spent the last month visiting friends and family in Florida, Tennessee, and Texas and am now driving up to Missouri with my parents to spend a month out on their farm. It is kind of fitting because today is my mother’s birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!

Since I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas I have a few friends still around this area after 30 years away and I love hanging out with them. Two of them now live two blocks away from each other, so I am able to stay at one’s house and walk to the others. How nice is that?

One of the things I always look forward to when I return to Dallas is eating at a few specific restaurants, which include El Fenix, Genghis Grill, Spring Creek BBQ, and Whataburger. Lucky for me everyone else loves them too, so it is never a problem to find someone to go with me. We even went out and spent the day at Six Flags Over Texas, which is always a treat!!!!!

Both my friends have pools (kind of required in the Texas heat haha) and one of them has a chihuahua that does not like to go swimming, but loves to ride around on his floating crab. It is the coolest thing to see him hop on, float around, hop off, and then hop back on. 🙂

After I left Dallas I went down to College Station to spend a few weeks with my best friend and his family. He is the one you would have seen on my last YouTube Live if you watched it ;). I was even able to get to Houston to visit with some former guests.

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