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Green Hill Waterfall is a great last stop in Tobago

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Green Hill Waterfall 2

Two days ago I told you about Hillsborough Dam and today we are at Green Hill Waterfall, which is between the dam and Mount St George on Easterfield Rd. I was navigating with a less than spectacular map and when we were close I told my friend Steve that it should be somewhere around here. He said, “you mean right there?” as we had stopped and he could hear the water falling.

Green Hill Waterfall 1

The park area around the waterfall

Green Hill Waterfall is a natural waterfall with several small levels that a park has been built around. The entire area was beautiful and a great place for a picnic. Steve and I sort of wandered in different directions as I chose to climb down the 20-foot cliff to the middle level. Turns out this was not smart on my part, but I am getting ahead of myself.

The middle level was at a reasonable slope that it was safe, but you still had to be careful. I was walking around admiring how the water ran down the slope and dropped off a cliff to plunge 20-30 feet into a pool at the bottom of the waterfall. Given that there was no channel the water ran along the rock face in several small streams, making it even more beautiful.

Green Hill Waterfall 3

The part I slipped on

It was at this time I noticed the water ran through a cave like structure formed by some rock piled on top of each other. I just had to take some photos of the water running through this short cave, so I carefully stepped here and there around the water and slippery moss. I got several shots of the scene and made it back away from the slipperiest part. I decided that it was time to start back up the waterfall and that I could take some more photos on the way. Well, I guess as I was taking one of the shots my foot slipped, because next thing I knew I was sliding down the waterfall as easily as a waterslide in a waterpark. I saw that I was sliding to the edge of the middle level, but I would hit a big puddle before I went over the edge to the lowest level. Luckily the puddle was big enough to stop me when I hit it, but the thing I was worried about the whole time was my camera in my pocket. I hit the puddle, sprayed water everywhere, and jumped up to check on the camera. Thank goodness it was still working and did not have water in it.

Green Hill Waterfall 4


It was at this point I realized I cut my leg and had a huge goose egg on it. I was trembling and called for Steve, but he could not hear me (see I told you it was not smart to go off on my own, haha).

So there I was trembling, hurt, and having to climb back up the cliff. Was it worth it to get the photo of the water through the rock cave? You will have to tell me when you see tomorrow’s photo of the day. I would love to hear what you think of it, given that I almost “died” for it. Haha.

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