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Has anyone ever been to Great Tobago Island in the BVI?

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BVI - Great Tobago Island POTD

Great Tobago Island is a small island laying 4-5 miles west of Jost Van Dyke and north of St John. With is you will find Little Tobago Island, Cable Rock (also known as Watson Rock), and King Rock. It is one of those places that everyone sees everyday, but no one ever ventures out to.

BVI - Great Tobago Island 2
Coming around the north end

Well I had some guest that really loved to sail and we had time to kill, so I asked if they wanted to sail over to Great Tabogo Island and see what was there. They jumped all over that idea and had the boat pointed north from St John, before I could even finish my sentence. We sailed to it and continued on the east side of Great Tobago Island in order to gybe and sail around the north end and back on the west side. Once we were on the west side and in protected waters I found a small cove I read about, but this cove was much deeper into the island than I thought it would be. We found perfectly calm waters In the cove along with a mooring ball. Since it was lunch time we chose to drop sails, pick up the mooring, and have a quiet lunch spot to ourselves. Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as we settled in another boat came and ruined our solitude!!!!! What to do.

BVI - Great Tobago Island 3
All those specks are birds and that is just one part of the sky

The cove was beautiful and the water was clear. Overhead we had dozens and dozens of birds flying around and others just hovering while using the thermals off the island. After lunch we all went for a snorkel and I have to admit I was disappointed. It was not that the reef was dead, it was never there in the first place. Except for a small patch of coral right in front of the mooring all there was was rock, but they were cool rocks at least. 🙂

When we finally had enough of this perfect little anchorage we set sail and continued down the west coast and on to St John. This is where I have to warn you. King Rock is only a foot out of the water and it is very hard to see. It is well charted, but until you visually find it be very careful in the area.

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