I got bogged down in the Great Ķemeri Moorland

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Latvia - Great Ķemeri Moorland POTD

During my visit to Latvia two months ago, I took time from exploring Riga to go hike through the Great Ķemeri Moorland. This giant raised bog area has small pools scattered around the area that is meters thick with sphagnum moss. They have built a boardwalk around the section of the Great Ķemeri Moorland I hiked. This was done because if you step off the boardwalk you will be on a giant sponge. Sometimes it will only give a couple inches, other times you could fall in. Either way it is a bit eerie when you think you are stepping onto solid ground and it gives out under foot.

Not all of the Great Ķemeri Moorland is like this as evidence by the fact the town of Kemeri is built right in the middle of the bog. One of the best places to hike among the bog is the boardwalk I did. It is 5 or so kilometers south of town and you can find it by looking for the observation tower on Google Maps. The total hike is only a mile or two long and it is all flat along the boards. The best part was the fact there is an ice cream truck right at the start/finish area. How perfect of a hike is it when you finish with ice cream? This could be the best idea for hiking ever and should be installed at every hiking location!!!!! 🙂

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