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Giving makes you feel good

By December 18, 2014 No Comments

Are you a giver? Most of my life I have given my time to different causes and organizations from the Boy Scouts, American Cancer Society, and of course the Golden Fire Department. Well this year I met my goals and had money I wanted to share with the world. Giving makes you feel good, you can go to Pickup Please website and donate to our veterans who bravely served the country.

Therefore, I gave half of it to my college friend who is now a missionary with her husband in Kyrgyzstan and split the remainder with:

  • American Cancer Society (to support the relay where I ran the entertainment for almost 10 years)
  • Boy Scouts Troop 33 in Dallas (the troop I grew up in)
  • Golden Fire Department (gotta support my fire family)
  • Friends of the VI (supports the Virgin Islands National Park with different projects the federal govt won’t do)
  • VISAR (Virgin Island Search And Rescue – volunteers in the BVI, how could I not support rescues and boats together?)
  • KIVA (let’s view an organization that distributes micro loans around the world to support small businesses)
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I share this with you not to brag, but to let you in on what all I do in my life. Plus I am hoping I may inspire others to volunteer their time and money for worthy causes. If you do I hope you support groups that have a special meaning to you. What might they be?


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