Genghis Khan’s capital city called my name!!!!

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Today we made it to the great Genghis Khan’s empirical capital city. The city was founded in 1220AD, but for the first 15-20 years was only a ger camp (Mongolian for yurt, which is a semi-permanent tent) because he was busy conquering and building the largest empire the world has ever seen. It was not until his successors built a defensive


This is a model of the city when it was the Empire’s capital.

wall, palace, and monastery that it turned into a proper capital and a world political site, but alas it was not to last. In 1388, only 150 years after it was built the city was destroyed.

If you visit Karakorum the first place you have to see is the very well done museum. This museum gives as good of an account of the history of a city and area as any I have seen. You learn about the three Mongolian outward reaching empires before the great Genghis Khan’s empire and how the city started, flourished, and finally was destroyed. They also have some great exhibits on the local pottery, archeological work, and a well preserved Turkish grave found nearby.


One of the four Turtle Rocks that defined the city boarders.

When around the current city you also want to see Turtle Rock, which is one of four rocks carved in the 13th century to mark the four entrances into the city. Nearby you will find a rock carved into a penis with a bowl under it said to be a vagina. This was originally placed in the monastery to remind the monks of their vows of celibacy. We went back and forth trying to decide the best name between Penis Rock, Cock Rock, Phallic Rock, and Pecker Place to name a few. Interestingly local women come here to pray for fertility. Do you think they rub it also? haha


Phallic Rock… I need to say more?

On Sunday I will tell you about the monastery here in Karakorum before we head off and ride camels in Elsen Tasarkhai. Plus, tomorrow you can see my “photo of the day” of a fantastic Mongolian sunset and on Saturday the POTD will be of another shrine that you will never guess what it is for. So make sure you continue to come back or LIKE me on Facebook, FOLLOW me on Instagram, or SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel and stay all caught up.


A look at the inner temples at the monastery

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