Gemany had to be in the World Cup final

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German flag Guiding Light logoThe victors

If I would have been thinking about it I would have known the Germany was going to be in the World Cup final.  This is not due to my vast knowledge of international futbol or some oracle insight, but the simple fact that I started a charter yesterday with five Germans aboard!  🙂

Of course watching the final is the TOP priority today, so we are going to snorkel the Indians and then sail up to Salt Island.  Once there I will give them the amazing story of the RMS Rhone shipwreck and we will finish the day a mile away at Cooper Island, where there is a wonderful restaurant and resort.

We have to be there by 3pm for the kick off, so these patriotic Germans can watch their team playing on the largest stage in the world…the World Cup Final!!!!!  oh yea and enjoy the Cooper Island facilities also.  🙂

Yesterday one of them informed me (joking) they choose my boat over others because my logo was the same colors as the Germany flag.  What do you think?

Go Germany!!!!!!!!!

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