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Would it surprise you to learn that Trinidad had a huge military base in WW2?

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Gaspar Grande Artillery 1

Well it is true. The US Navy took over the entire area of Chaguaramas and ended up forming the largest US Naval base outside US soil. The base slowly got shuttered in the years following WW2 and it is place is row after row of boat yards and marinas taking advantage of the infrastructure and being outside the hurricane belt.

I tell you all this as a lead in to the 4.7 inch howitzer found at the top of Gaspar Grande Island. I visited this gun emplacement after our tour of the cave and underground pool I told you about on Tuesday. It was installed in 1939 as defense against possible German U-boat activity around Trinidad. The interesting thing is that this site has been fortified since the late 18th century when Spain tried to defend Trinidad from the English, whom they were at war with.

While the gun emplacement is not a must see in Trinidad, it is worth a short hike if you are already on the island of Gaspar Grande.

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