Fun time at the beach on Montserrat!

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Montserrat - Hiking - Beach
Montserrat - Hiking - Trail

Hiking up the hill to get to the beach

When you sail to Montserrat you have to check in at Little Bay, which is also the only anchorage left on the island since the capitol has been abandoned due to the active volcano on the southern part of the island (You can read all about touring this tragedy on last Thursday’s blog).

On our first day here we spent the morning sailing from Antigua and finished checking in around 2pm. We had our tour planned for the next morning and decided to go one bay over and play on Rendezvous Beach. Melek and our two guest chose to take the dinghy around the sheer cliff separating the two bays, but I wanted to stretch my legs and hiked over.

Montserrat - Hiking - View

Looking back at Little Harbor and the quarry I passed through

The hike started right outside the port gate and went through a quarry (hang to the left until you find the trailhead). From this point the 1.3 mile long trail went up, over, and back down. It was rated as moderate and took me around 45 minutes. I thought it was well worth the effort as I got a great view of the Little Bay area and then popped out onto a fantastic beach with a cliff on one side.

Our guest took snorkel gear and were out for an hour, but Melek and I simply played on the beach and in the water and had just about as close to a perfect late afternoon as you can imagine. There was even an abandoned house off the beach, which we explored. This place must have been deserted long ago, because the appliances were from the 60’s or early 70’s and there was stuff everywhere. The coolest thing was finding a foot powered Singer sewing machine like my grandmother use to have.

Let me tell you, I hope you experience such a simple and relaxing day every now and then, because it did wonders for our souls.

Montserrat - Hiking - House

Is this the spooky, haunted house of Montserrat?

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