Free dinner on the Trans-Siberian train…but only one?

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Check out how nice this train cabin was for us. So much better than the Mongolian car we were on for 4 1/2 days from Moscow.

After dad and I visited the cites of Yakutsk, Irkutsk, and Listvyanka we boarded the Trans-Siberian train once more. This time for three and a half days to the eastern terminus in Vladivostok. Luck for us this was a Russian car and the 1st class cabin was fairly nice. Mind you it was not as nice as the Red arrow from St Petersburg to Moscow, but 10 times better than the Mongolian car we were on from Moscow to Ulan Baton.

As nice as this train was there was one funny quirk. With our train ticket we each got a free meal, for our nutritional needs as they pamphlet said. I thought they meant one per day which kind of made sense, but they meant one per trip. It does not matter if you are on the train one day or seven, you only get one meal…..but it is for your nutritional needs. Haha

russia-train-2-vladivostok-engineThe other funny part of the meal is that the pamphlet said you get this and that and these and those. It all sounded great. In fact it sounded like too much food, but we went with it. We told our conductor the day we were taking our free dinner and that we would take it in the dining car. Once there they served the appetizer and meal on the same plate and that was it. I had to point to the list of things we were supposed to get with the meal. They brought us tea and then a drink and finally she broke down and brought all the goods in a bag for us. It was awesome, but if I did not insist we would have been stiffed. This is important because there was chocolate in that bag, darn it!!!!

Once we got off the train we had officially rode the longest train for a total of 9288 km. Our friend Steve, who we met in Mongolia, was at the train station to meet us and take us out to dinner. We explored Vladivostok with him the next day, but you will have to come back in two days to read about that part of the adventure. See you then.


We made it!!!! 9288 km and a total of 8 days on a train….plus our train to Mongolia and back.

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