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Following Shane Through the Baths is a worthy experiance

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Climbing, jumping, swimming and sliding. A wild adventure through paths and passageways. As an active kid from the mountains of Colorado the name “The Baths” did not bring thoughts of adventure to my mind. Once we arrived I knew I was wrong. This rock formation, constructed through millions of years of erosion, brought awe.  The experience began as I scampered my way through holes and under, over and around massive boulders until I had reached the top. Once I rejoined my family and Captain Shane we made our way through the formation our own way. While the crowds walked along the trodden path we navigated through gaps, up boulders, off cliffs, and in underwater passageways. It was an overall highlight of the trip. A stop that I doubted at first ended up blowing me away.

Nolan (age 16)


One of the features of The Baths is what Shane calls Confidence Rock at Devil’s Bay.  Shane grabbed our group and said “Follow me – as soon as we’re finished, I guarantee you there will be people trying to figure out how we did this, and within minutes will be trying to follow us.”  I stayed behind for the photo op; they worked as a team to get to the top of the rock in the bay and once on the top, the large crowd at the beach cheered their standing high above the water.   Shane, the last to go in the water, did a masterful dive – to the delight of all on lookers (except for the dad next to me that told his young children that it was “dangerous and stupid”).  Shortly after the group completed their second ascent and plunge into the water, a group of 6 teenage boys said (and I quote):  “Wow – that was cool.  We have to figure out how they did that.”  And off they ran to try their hand at Confidence Rock just as Shane said they would.

Luara (aka Mom)


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