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Fleece equals time to head south

By October 30, 2011 No Comments

I arrived back to the boat on Monday night and the rest of the week was spent doing “dirty” work like painting the rudder post joint to help prevent the rust issue (mentioned in the last blog).  Another big chore was replacing the water maker membrane and pressure vessel, plus adding a boost pump to help the whole system.  The final “dirty” job was to finish changing the oil, filters, and impellers (all I had left was to replace one impeller, which came in mail while I was gone).  When I was done I went to test each engine.  The port side started up and was spitting out water like it should.  The starboard went click.  CRAP!!!  I tried this and that, but I knew what the problem was, so I loaded the battery on my bike and rode to the auto parts store a couple blocks away.  Just as I thought the battery needed to be replaced.  Once I got it home it started right up and I am good to go.

I had to pull out a fleece yesterday because the high was in the 60s.  YIKES!!!  It is time to head south.  I will leave on Tuesday morning and spend the next day at Cumberland Island, where I have a tour of the north side set up.  If you have the chance to go to this island, do yourself the service of taking advantage of it.  It is one of the neatest places on the East Coast.

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