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Fixing the windlass instead of buying a new one

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Fixing the Windlass

I have a Lofrans Tigres windlass that I think was originally installed at the factory when Guiding Light was built. Given that the windlass is 20 years old I am amazed at how good it is still running. Over the last couple years I have had to install a new motor and the stripping arm had to be replaced, but it is still working like a champ.

That is why I chose to fix the latest thing to break on it instead of replacing the whole thing. This was a simple molded ring to help the chain come straight up when letting it out so it does not jump off the gypse (the wheel that controls the chain).

In the picture below you can see the old part I am holding and the new one I fashioned. I took a 1/4″ squared U bolt and bent it to the shape I wanted. After that I used washers and nuts to tighten it into place. A first I was having trouble bending the U bolt, but with someone’s second opinion I put it in a vise and used a hollow bar (in this case a paddle) to bend the part sticking out of the vise. It worked great! If you want quality windows on your new house you can checkout double hung windows cincinnati oh for their products.

I know someday I will have to finally get a new windlass, but what do you think of my work around? Have you had to do any creative fixes on your boat?

Fixing the windlass 2

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