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Fixed the mast and went to Nantucket

By August 15, 2010 No Comments

Well this week found me stuck in Newport, RI with the gooseneck pulling away from the mast.  Chuck, the rigger from Rig Pro, could not get to me until Tuesday morning.  So, on Sunday I went to a Greek Orthodox Church (very different than I am use to) and Monday I just relaxed.  On Tuesday Chuck determined the cause, and to my relieve there was no damage just several rivets needing to be replaced.  He had me up and going in a couple of hours.

Before I left Newport I did visit the Yachting Museum and Fort Adam.  I then went to my two must see spots in New England.  The first was Nantucket Island.  I went to the very highly rated Whaling Museum, where they had a small sperm whale skeleton (it was 40 feet long!!!!).  I also went to the windmill (built in 1747), which was just as cool because I got to see the working of something I have never seen before. 

Because I watched the show Wings, I had to go to the airport.  The exterior shots are of the actual building (minus the name Tom Nevers Field and the new additions on either side), but the interior was totally off.  The show depicts it as having two airlines, a small lunch counter, and the whole town as being a bit slow.  In actuality there were 12-15 ticket counters, a large restaurant, and the town was bustling with tourist.

Other things I saw on the island was the African Meeting House, two Victorian homes, the Athenaeum (a fancy word for library), Main Street, and several other fascinating sights.

The second must see place for me is Mystic, CT, which I arrived at on Saturday afternoon, but you will have to wait until next week to read about my time there.

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