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Not knowing what to expect at the Firefly Plantation was a blessing

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Firefly Plantation 1

On Sunday I wrote about our time at the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary on Bequia. Well as we were walking back to town (about two miles) we came across the Firefly Plantation and figured why not give it a look. We really had no idea what there was and figured it was simply a guest house with a bar/restaurant and we were correct. But they also offered 45-minute tours of the grounds for $10 EC (about $4 US), so we went for it.

Firefly Plantation 2WOW!!!! Our guide was a soft-spoken local who knew the entire plantation since its beginnings in 1789. He first showed us some pottery from the Arawak’s and Caribs that predated Columbus’s voyages and then how to use the local stones to sharpen machetes. We went down to an area that they are making salt in glass bins and then the real tour began. He took us from fruit tree to fruit tree as we walked around the Firefly Plantation. At every tree he grabbed a piece of fruit and said this is blah blah, try some. Try this. Thy this. It is a good thing we had not had lunch, because we ate so much food and the best part is that it was straight from the tree.

Firefly Plantation - wax apples

These are wax apples. I had never heard of them before this, but they are crisp and refreashing.

Some of the things we had was sugar cane, wax apples (I hadn’t ever seen them before, but they were my favorite), soursop, pomegranate, star fruit, and tamarind to name a few. He even climb a palm tree and got two coconuts and hacked them open so we could drink coconut water.

When you are on Bequia do not miss the opportunity to get a tour of the Firefly Plantation….especially if you go to the turtle sanctuary since it is on the way. Trust me when I say it is worth it and the best way to finish the tour is right at the bar with a frozen cocktail. Steve got the White Bamboo and I had a Banana Daiquiri. He definitely won that competition. Mine was good, but his was tasty to the extreme!

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