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Final blog about life outside of the BVI

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This is the final blog about much less crowded locations outside of the BVI you can visit. Let me know if you have enjoyed this short series.

HISTORY – A large number of my guests love to hear historically based stories of the different islands we pass by. The BVI has a lot of fun stories, but nothing compared to the USVI in my opinion. Some of my favorite spots are:

Reef Bay – Most people know about the Annaberg sugar factory on St John, which features the largest windmill on the island, but on the south side of St John you will find the Reef Bay Sugar Factory. This one did not have a windmill, but it was the only one to bring in steam equipment and was the last to shut down on the island. While there how about walking a mile inland and seeing the Petroglyphs left by the Taino Indians 500-1000 years ago?

Reef Bay Ruins

Here I am holding the wheel the steam engine turned.

Downtown Christiansted – The capital of St Croix has such a remarkable collection of traditional Danish West Indian architecture that part of the downtown area is now a World Heritage Site. I am fascinated with these 2-3 story building and love the way the first floor is indented in order to have a covered walkway to protect you from the sun and rain. Plus there are NPS run historic buildings showing you how crops were processed, taxed, and shipped overseas.

Hassel Island – Helping form the Charlotte Amalie harbor on St Thomas is the western island of Hassel Island. This small unassuming location has a fantastic array of historic sites and a well maintained hiking trail connecting them (in fact I had my trail map published a few years ago). From the battery built in 1790 to help with harbor protection to the British military sites to the steam powered ship yard. It seems each site was repurposed and the history is seeping from this island.

Slipway Gears on Hassel Island

This is some of the equipment still at the shipyard.

ANCHORAGES – While most of the anchorages in the BVI are overcrowded with boats and dinghies flying around.  My favorite anchorages when I am not on charter are in the USVI and SVI.

Salt Pond Bay –Is on the south side of St John. In this part of the NPS land there is no anchoring allowed you must  acquire a mooring ball, meaning you will never have more than 5 other neighbors. What I love about this anchorage is that there is a delightful beach that you can play on, a rugged hike out to Ram’s Head you can take, or a wonderful snorkel you can do around the point.  All this without moving the boat, or you could just stay aboard and relax in the tranquility of nature.

Dakity – This anchorage is on the left as you enter the large Ensenada Honda harbor on Culebra in the SVI. You have to go around the reef that is right at water level and find 6-15 feet of water. With nothing but the reef in front, you will find a very calm anchorage with an amazingly cooling breeze. When you need to get out you can swim to the reef and actually walk on it (because the coral is dead) over to the cut and then jump in and swim back while looking for buried sting rays. Do you need provisions? Well the town of Dewey is about a mile long dinghy ride away.

Cut In The Reef at Dakety

Looking from the top of the reef towards the cut you can swim in

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