Fez – Can you believe it is my favorite place so far!

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Fez square

I guess I need to explain that statement. I know many people like Marrakech, and yes that city has some nice historic buildings, like palaces and the old Medina, but we had too many problems there that kind of made me feel distant to the city. First, the crowded square was nice, but people were asking for you to buy something or pay for something and it was hard to walk through. Everybody there tried to trick us. They were always asking for more money than it costs and the people we asked for directions asked for money all the time. When a person approached us we kind of backed away thinking they wanted something again. Not being able to trust anyone, and being bugged by them all the time, kind of affected our time there. So, I think it was a beautiful city but I was so bored of it!

Fez medinaI wasn’t really looking forward to seeing any more of this Morocco, but Shane was really keen of seeing every possible site here. [Shane – ????] So, we continued our trip and ended up in Fez! As always, we got a hotel in the old city center (Medina) and settled in. [Shane – this time I had the location on my phone’s Google map and presto we went right there!] The hotel had similar architecture to the one in Marrakesh but it was much bigger. The problem with this area is, you feel like a rat in a maze, so many narrow streets with similar shops it is hard to follow it up. At some places, you even walk under some houses, they are like a bridge above you. It was very different than the other cities and medinas we have seen. Definitely had a bigger Medina (bazaar).

Street in Fez

Check out this street that has a house built over it!

To my surprise people were friendlier and when you ask the way they were actually just trying to help and not asking for money! I found it a bit complicated but also fascinating and luckily, I was there with Shane as he does have some sense of direction. If I was alone probably I would get lost and never find the hotel ever again ???? (But hang on money gets you anywhere, so that could have solved the problem). While walking we found a nice restaurant, they even had some Turkish kebabs and their food was the best we had since Rick’s Café in Casablanca, and with good prices. We didn’t spend much time here but finally being able to walk freely on the streets and actually talking with people without feeling that they expect something from us was nice! My favorite city so far is Fez!

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