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Our favorite beach on Anguilla is the hardest to get to

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Anguilla - Little Bay - Beach
Anguilla - Little Bay - Cave

I jumped from the cave at the top of this opening

Little Bay is a perfect little pocket beach surrounded by 100 foot cliffs, which provide some great snorkeling.

The beach can’t be much more than a couple hundred feet wide and 50 feet deep, but the sand is wonderful and the water is crystal clear. Along the north side the cliff is pockmarked with indentions, caves, and overhangs. In fact, at one spot there is a rope to help you up to a cave about 30 feet above the water. Of course, I climbed up to see how deep it goes. Melek lost sight of me as I climbed up and she was really surprised when I jumped the 30 feet down to her. It was so much fun. ????

Anguilla - Little Bay - House

Turn left here

This amazing little beach is best arriving on your vessel and picking up a mooring ball, but if you are coming by car it is still possible. First, From The Valley (the capital town) take Coronation Rd to where you turn left onto Old Courthouse Rd, but take the right. If you go straight at this point you will end up at Crocus Bay. Follow the road until you come to the white house and turn left. Park at the fence and take the trail around to the far side of the cliff. Here you can either climb down the cliff to the beach or walk down the sloping iron shore to the water’s edge and swim a hundred yards to it. I hope you love it as much as I did.


Anguilla - Little Bay - Snorkeling

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