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So far, my favorite place, Nevis!

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This is the fifth island that we have been to so far, I liked something about every island but Nevis was the best by far! I couldn’t believe how many attractions Nevis had and I was impressed by all of them.

Golden Rock estate on Nevis

Golden Rock estate

Of course, Shane had been reading about it and had everything planned. The first day we did basic things like checking in and discovering the little town of Charlestown! The second day he said we were going somewhere called Golden Rock Plantation and since I didn’t read about it I didn’t know what to expect. This really nice bus driver took us up to the place even though it wasn’t on his way, but he seemed like doing it for everyone as he took many ladies to their front door. [Shane – I have to say the bus drivers on Nevis were some of the nicest I have ever met and the system is super simple….if you want to go counter clockwise around the island get one at Memorial Square and to go clockwise get on at Walwyn Plaza]

Golden Rock Estate was a beautiful garden with many nice trees and flowers. Also there was a very nice restaurant and a very authentic hotel. The hotel even had rooms in the wind mill ruins. I couldn’t believe how beautiful and

Hermitage house on Nevis

I found another happy place….this one at the Hermitage House

luxuries this place was. After hanging around and taking some photos, we got a map from the reception and tried finding the hiking trail.  It wasn’t as easy as it looked on the map as the hand drawn map wasn’t really helpful [Shane – flat out, the map SUCKED!!!]. So, we tried our own way and it worked better. After hiking for an hour, we started walking down the hill.

We were going towards the Hermitage House, but we were getting tired and hungry. Luckily, my wonderful boyfriend packed some food in case I get hungry (apparently, I become grumpy when I am hungry ???? ), so we stopped to have a picnic at the top of a field overlooking the south end of the island and the sea. After another 15-20 min walking we arrived at the Hermitage House (Shane will tell you about the house and its history in a separate blog) and it was a beautiful old wooden house with av beautiful garden. The back part was a restaurant and we decided to have a light lunch there although we weren’t really hungry. While waiting for our food we did some recording for our St. Kitts and Nevis travel video. (Don’t forget to check the travel videos from different countries)

Lunch at the Hermitage House

Lunch at the Hermitage House

Our meal included black bean soup and a Mediterranean plate, which of course I was excited to have some food from my country. The humus and olive tapenade was wonderful. After lunch the owner took us around and told us about the history and work they have done around the old house! The hotel part was very nice and I loved the houses turned into a hotel room. The old furniture, decoration and carpets were wonderful. I didn’t really want to leave this place, because I could happily live in one of those beautiful houses with the mountain view on one side and island view on the other. I don’t know how the owners wanted to hire the Removalists to get rid of some furniture! On the way back to the boat we found 10-20 of the local monkeys and watched them for half an hour or so, but that is for a different blog.

It was just a perfect day, seeing two unbelievable places and having a nice lunch with a loved one! Love u Nevis! [Shane – ????]


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