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Exploring ON the reef

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Along the reef  Someone's dinghy?The cutSwimming In the cut

A couple weeks ago Bella told you about walking along the top of the reef, well I want to follow up on that and tell you more.

If you sail to Culebra check out the anchorage behind the reef on the left side as you enter Ensenada Honda.  The anchorage is called Dakity and it is perfectly protected. In fact we sailed from St Thomas there in 20 knot winds and by the time we arrived several people were not feeling well.  Luckily, even with the 20 knots of wind, it was flat calm. It felt like the boat was already on the hard. This is because the reef is right at the surface as you can see in the first photo.

You can swim or paddle to the reef and walk the whole stretch on top of it. I took the girls and flip over some rocks and showed them brittle starfish, sea urchins, snails, and other wonderful creatures they could hold (Bella was a bit squeamish, but she did it anyways).

There is a cut in the middle of the reef (see 3rd photo), so I walked to it and jumped in. I have never seen as many rays buried in the sand. A couple were so buried I did not realize they were rays at first. This was a great place to swim, but the highlight was still walking on the reef.  I mean where else do you get to do that?

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