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Exploring mode on for our last day in Nevis!

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Hot Springs on Nevis
Botanical garden on Nevis

One of our favorite things was the botanical garden on Nevis

After our little engine problem with the dingy (we wrote about it in the previous blog) we started our third day of exploring the Nevis. Our first stop was the Bath Hotel, a very pretty stone building which is not In use anymore. [Shane – Being built in 1778 this is considered the first resort in the Caribbean and was built next to the hot springs, which were relaxing] We also visited the Nelson Museum, which was a really small place with lots of information. [Shane – this museum is about Admiral Nelson of the British Navy and one of their greatest military leaders. He got into trouble when he seized 4 American ships trading illegally and then fell in love and married a local lady]

Parrot at the garden on Nevis

This is the bird Melek had the conversation with. Hehe

Then, we came to the best part of the day, the Botanical Garden! It is easy to reach since you can ride the bus for 15 minutes from town then you need to walk another 15 min to the entrance. I would be glad if they could use some signs in these islands, which could make it easier to find places. [Shane – this I have to agree with!!!!] The place had a Far East feel and there were some Buddha statues and a Thai restaurant, which supported our thinking. It wasn’t a big place as you can see it all in around a half an hour to an hour.

The best part for me apart from the beautiful flowers was the closed area with butterflies and parrots. We didn’t see any butterflies, but we saw and talked to a couple parrots. They kept saying hello to us and for a while I kept saying hello back and it kept on going like that for a while!

It was another perfect day and an end to our time in Nevis. Next, we will sail to St Kitts, so stay tuned in. [Shane – St Kitts is a 6 mile sail away and forms an independent country with Nevis]

Flower Collage from Nevis

Some of the amazing flowers we saw at the garden. Don’t you just love them?!?

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