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Everything corrodes, including the kitchen sink

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Old vs new faucets

For a couple years I had a faucet at the galley sink that I loved, because it had a pull out handle and was positioned above the dishes instead of right at the counter level. The best part was that it did not show corrosion because the housing was plastic. Well all good things, right?

Turns out the pull out hose chafed through and made the  bracket under the sink rust away. Well at the time I could not find the faucet I liked again and the best I found was a metal faucet that was coated in a white film, which I though would last.

Old vs new faucets

Turns out I was wrong, because the corrosion you see here happened in less than six months. In fact I started to see it within the month. The problem is that a salt water foot pump at my sink is used to wash dishes and then the fresh water rinses them off. But I find just being in the salt air will corrode stuff.

look at that corrosion

Lucky for me I final found the faucet I like on Amazon and I now have a nice look faucet again and it should stay nice for several years.

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