Everyone brings joy to my boat

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…some when they arrive…Like Chase who was aboard two years ago for a little over a month before he got a paid gig as a mate on another boat.  Getting to know him, and the majority of the other people who have cruised with me, has really enhanced the time I have owned my boat.  When a new crew member comes aboard excited to learn the ropes, help out with the chores, enjoys the itinerary and shore excursions, listens to the captain, and easy to get along with it is the recipe for a great relationship.  Anyways, Chase called me last week to say his new boat is in the USVI.  Since then I have been hanging out with him, the captain, and chef of the gorgeous 107 foot sailing yacht he works on.  We have done some hiking on Hassel Island, snorkeled the local waters, had a few cocktails, ate some great food, and even caught a comedy show.  He is just the latest reason I have enjoyed being in St Thomas, because it seems like everyone I know in the boating community passes through at some point!

…and some when they leave!  Of course not all the people I have had as crew has been a joy to have aboard and I was more than ready for several of them to pitch their sea bag back on shore, but those stories are better told in person.  So, why don’t you come on down, have a beer, and see if I can entertain you with my crew horror stories?  🙂

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