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Have you ever had a Turkish Breakfast?

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Turkish Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the Turks have taken that to heart. When you sit down to a Turkish breakfast you will swear 10 other people are joining you, due to the amount of food on the table. You will always find a couple different types of olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, bread, different types of cheese (feta will always be one of them), jams, a selection of fruit, and eggs in one form or another. There may be other things served in addition to the above and usually there is a special dish that changes each morning.

Melek jokes that if a Turk serves you less than six different items then they are poor. What makes all these different and wonderful choices possible is the fact that everything is served in tiny little bowls and dishes. This gives you the choices and makes it look like a ton of food, but in reality it is less food than you think.

During our little road trip to see the ancient city of Troy, in the northwest corner of Turkey, we stayed in Assos for two nights. Our host, Gizem, told us that whenever she has foreigners stay at her hotel they are amazed at the breakfast they serve and wonder how many will be sitting at the table with them. When she serves Turks, she says all they do is look for what is missing from the table. ????

Of course, every breakfast is served with Turkish tea, but not coffee. That is because coffee is served after breakfast. In fact, the literal translation for what Turks call breakfast is “before coffee”. So, there you go! ????

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