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Englishman Harbor was my favorite beach on Tobago

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Englishman Harbor swing
Englishman Harbor creek

The creek in the woods right behind the beach

Englishman’s Bay is a secluded beach on the north coast of Tobago, between Castara and Parlatuvier bays. Although the bay does not draw the large numbers of beachgoers that Tobago’s western beaches do, I think it is one of the island’s best beaches. The beach itself is a classic crescent shape, capped by two heavily forested headlands descending from Tobago’s Main Ridge. The sand starts immediately after the forest ends, but there is a small creek running along the back of the beach in the trees that is cool to check out.

Englishman Harbor beachThe beach is of a shallow to medium gradient and the sand is somewhat coarse grain. The beach itself does not change size drastically at high or low tides, due to the gradient. There is pretty heavy beach break and due to the amount of waves the beach does not boast magnificent snorkeling. The anchorage is totally dependent on the direction of the wind and wave making it totally calm at times and very rolly other times.

When we were there we were the only ones on the beach, but I am told you can usually expect up to 20 or so people on the beach so you will easily have space to yourself. There is a great little covered porch with a swing right on the beach that is very relaxing to swing back and forth as you gaze out to sea. Also, there is a small restaurant and gift shop called Eula’s.

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