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At the end of the Reef Bay hike is the sugar factory

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Reef Bay Sugar Factory

So we have been talking about the hike down to Reef Bay and today we will see the end results as we tour the sugar factory that is right on the waters edge. All sugar factories have horse, which you can see in the forground, that had animals walk in a circle turning large rollers to crush the sugar cane. What is unique about Reef Bay is that it was the only one to bring in steam equipment. Making it the last active factory on St John when it finally shut down in 1916.

Factory pots

Here are the pots that they boiled the sugar juice in. See how they are open under them to allow a fire.

In my opinion this is one of the best preserved factories because you can see the boil pots, and how they had space under them to burn the dried out cane. Also well preserved is the boiler, steam engine, and 15 to 1 gears. Plus because the tin roof is in place there are residents in the rafters :).

If you want to find something most people do not know about then seach behind the horse mill for the grave of WH Marsh.


Look who is just hanging around!

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